1. What Is "Personal Training" All About?
Personal training is designed to take the "guesswork" out of helping you develop and stick to a program of regular exercise and healthy eating.

2. What Are The Benefits Of Working With A "Certified Personal Trainer?"
A Certified Personal Trainer has been educated to understand how the human body functions, and knows the "ins and outs" of nutrition and exercise. They develop and personalize exercise programs that take into account your unique physical characteristics.

3. What Types of Exercise Programs Have You Found Work Best With Your Clients?
There is no such thing as a 'one size fits all" exercise program that works for everyone. Some facilities promote a "cookie-cutter" type approach to fitness, but this concept has several drawbacks, including: The possibility of injury - especially if you're not properly supervised and don't know what you're doing to begin with; Boredom/lack of motivation, due to the repetitious nature of the exercises; and The tendency to "max-out" and as a result, limit your true potential.

4. What Does Personal Best Fitness In Downtown Garwood Look and Feel Like?
Personal Best helps people of all ages and abilities achieve their total fitness goals - such as, body toning and sculpting, increased strength and energy, and reduced mental stress. It's a highly motivating energy source of fitness and fun. You have access to leading equipment, exercise techniques and nationally certified personal trainers. Staff members and affiliations include a registered dietician, certified massage therapists, and master pilates instructors. The only true way to appreciate the sense of energy and motivation is to drop by and feel it for yourself!

5. Can Anyone Benefit By Working With A Personal Trainer At Personal Best?
Absolutely. We have the capability and experience to train people of all ages (from teens on up), and develop exercise programs for all individuals and abilities ranging from the "couch-potato" to the triathlete.

6. What Advice Do You Have For People Who Are Having A Hard Time Starting and/or Sticking With An Exercise Program?
We've all been there. The professionals at Personal Best can help you get back on track. It's easy to say exercise needs to be a way of life - translating the desire to change one's health into action is the real challenge. We've found that people use our training programs in several ways: To learn about physical fitness and nutrition for the first time; To "jumpstart" or "spice-up" their exercise program; To develop strength, speed and agility to achieve a competitive edge and excel in any type of sport; and Those who recognize that if they are not "accountable" to someone like a personal trainer, they simply do not have the will, desire or enjoyment to exercise on their own.

7. There's Been A Lot of Discussion Lately About Child Obesity - What Can Personal Best Offer to Help Parents Cope with this Alarming Situation?
Parents may not always have all the answers and resources when it comes to getting their children to incorporate fitness and healthy food choices into their lifestyles. That's where Personal Best can help. Our trainers are positive role models - well spoken, dynamic, professionals, who have roots in the community and are in touch with the pressures that youths face each day. Parents can feel comfortable knowing that they are placing their children with professionals who are serious about fitness and know how to effectively communicate with children.

8. What Are The First Steps Someone Can Take to Make A Difference In The Way They Feel Physically And Mentally Each Day?
The first step takes mental preparation - by recognizing that physical fitness is a lifelong commitment and not something you do to try and get in shape for the summer. There are no quick solutions, fixes, pills or diets that can replace the need for a solid and consistent exercise program and sensible eating. A good place to start an exercise program is by walking a minimum of 30 minutes everyday. Walking is a wonderful way to increase your heart rate and speed up your metabolism. The next step to starting an exercise program is to meet with one of our trainers at Personal Best and learn how to train smarter, not harder and see results. There's no obligation whatsoever to find out what we can do for you!

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