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Len Glassman, Owner

Len Glassman, Owner

Some People Enter Our Lives & Quickly Go, Others Make Footprints On Our Hearts & We Are Never The Same

Len Glassman, Hosting Personal Best's 'Change of Heart' Health & Wellness Symposium Sponsored by Self Magazine!

Personal Best Training & Pilates Center 'Taste of Wellness' Celebration at Ferraro's Restaurant, Westfield NJ

Len Glassman is a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Health Nutritionist with over 20 years of fitness professional experience. Len is a Fitness Bootcamp Instructor, Recipe Book Publisher, Health Advisor, Corporate Wellness & Lifestyle Consultant and Motivational Speaker. He also is the Creator of the 'Fit-ness Fun-damental's inter-active exercise DVD series.

Len's passion for fitness and compassionate manner has helped people of all ages, abilities and personalities, incorporate and stick to a positive health and wellness lifestyle.

From elite athletic training and mentoring experience, contributing fitness expert to Men's Fitness Magazine, to serving as health advisor for the NJ State Police & Benevolent Association (NJPBA) & NJ State Firefighter's Mutual Benevolent Association (FMBA), Len's background and experience is as varied as his passions.

Through the team of fitness professionals assembled at Personal Best, Len has the resources and contacts to make big things happen in areas diverse as: Youth & Sports Specific Group Training Programs, Pilates Apparatus Training, TRX Specialty Classes, Off & On-site Bootcamp Programs, Nutritional Counseling & Corporate Wellness Workshops, Motivational Speaking and Programming.

Publications & Appearances:

  • Fitness Advisor - NJ State Policeman Benevolent Association Convention, Atlantic City
  • Fitness Advisor - NJ State Firefighters Mutual Benevolent Association Convention, Atlantic City
  • Designer/Publisher - 'Fit & Healthy' Recipe Book
  • Fitness Consultant - Fitness Professionals looking to self-publish:
  • Meetup Organizer - 'NJ/NY Weight Loss, Lifestyle & Wellness' Group:
  • Fitness Professional Career Mentor:
  • Contributor - "Foods That Hit the 'Reset' Button"- Men's Fitness Magazine (2012):
  • Contributor - "Foods That Help Prevent Hair Loss"- Men's Fitness Magazine (2012):
  • Contributor - "Spices With Surprising Health Benefits"- Men's Fitness Magazine (2012):
  • Author - Achieving Your Personal Best Westfield Life Magazine Jan 2013 (pgs. 22 & 23)
  • Author - Sustainability: Shop Eat and Live Green Westfield Life Magazine March 2013
  • Author - "Interval Training - It's Effective, Efficient & Exciting"
  • Author - "Sensible Strength Training for Young Athletes" Kids Sports Magazine
  • Author - "Get Your Game On" Kids Sports Magazine
  • Author - "Hit the Weights Before Hitting the Slopes" Kids Sports Magazine

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Dario Rivera

Dario is a certified personal trainer with several years of training and experience in the fitness field. His optimistic, good natured manner, touches everyone who is fortunate to cross his path. Dario is a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and has helped countless individuals improve their morale and invigorate their lifestyle. Dario has trained several young athletes in such areas as golf fitness and baseball. He is an excellent mentor and role model.

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Karen Megaro

Karen Megaro

Karen Megaro is a certified personal fitness trainer, pilates mat and senior fitness instructor and certified Zumba dance instructor and resident animal lover. Karen has an in-depth background in group exercise, bootcamp instruction and pilates which compliments her personal training program. Her multi-faceted approach to exercise and wellness streamlines the body while developing muscle definition and improving posture. Her emphasis on cardio conditioning, strengthening abdominal and back muscles and lengthening and strengthening arm and leg muscles lends itself to a lean, well-toned appearance. Karen is a real-life inspiration to women in their middle ages.

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Sheri Cognetti

Sheri Cognetti Sheri Cognetti

Sheri has been working in the fitness industry for 25 years amidst raising children and caring for her family. She holds numerous certifications in personal training, group exercise, cardio-kickboxing, cycling, arthritis foundation courses, TRX and Pilates. She holds a certification in Pilates mat and apparatus from the Physicalmind Institute.

In the last 10 years Sheri has really been focusing on Pilates as a total body functional conditioning format that combines stretching and strengthening to help you feel great. Pilates works on stabilizing you from the inside out. The stretching always feels great and the strengthening that comes from longer muscles is empowering. Pilates helps to balance the body that often gets misaligned from activities of daily living. While research is still ongoing on Pilates with low back issues, Sheri has found it to be most helpful to many individuals that she has worked with. Recently Sheri has added TRX to her Pilates practice as a further challenge.

Tony Eaton

Tony Eaton

Tony is an NASM certified master trainer with over 10 years of experience in the fitness profession. His extensive training, medical-based education and competitive sports background affords clients a well-rounded and unique training experience.

His client portfolio is extensive and varied - from high level corporate and financial executives to local athletes, including Westfield & Cranford hockey and baseball players. Tony's training philosophy is simple and straight forward: the amount of effort you put into his training program is equivalent to what you'll get out of it. His devotion and commitment to those looking to make positive physical and mental lifestyle changes is unparalled.

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Eric Shendell

Eric Shendell

Eric is an NASM certified master trainer and golf training specialist. His sports experience includes competitive baseball, basketball, tennis, skiing and golf. His lifelong passion for fitness, which began in childhood, was reinforced during a challenging rehab from a debilitating sports injury in his 30s.

Eric's focus on lifestyle fitness encompasses awareness, healthy nutrition, training, and enjoying the process of getting fit ?and staying fit?for life. His commitment to his clients is evident in his compassionate, motivational and reliable style.

Eric's decades of professional experience in corporate finance honed his abilities to balance lifestyle fitness with his professional and family life. Today, Eric shares his passion for fitness with athletes, adults and teens who engage in sports and training for competition and overall well being.

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Frances Camilleri

Frances Camilleri is a Physical Therapist Assistant with a Bachelor's Degree in Health/Physical Education, a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Life Coach.

Frances' training, experience and passion help empower others to live more vibrant lives by increasing their well-being and wellness through trusted guidance and transformational mind/body training.

Her various areas of expertise include: corrective exercise and flexibility training, post injury and post rehabilitation training as well as age and chronic health related exercise training and education. Frances enjoys assisting clients discover their values and goals and turn their insights into action.

Besides her passion for great health and fitness, Frances' interests include hiking, playing tennis, horse-back riding, sailing, and personal development.

Lindsey Della Serra

Lindsey Della Serra

Lindsey graduated cum laude with a BFA in dance from Mason Gross School of the Arts and is finishing up her Masters in Dance Education at Rutgers University. Born and raised in Cranford, Lindsey has been dancing since the age of 3 and currently teaches dance at Yvette's Dance Studio to students ages 3 years old to adult.

Lindsey completed her extensive Pilates apparatus training program with Polestar Pilates at the Mason Gross School of the Arts, where she worked with clients from ages 12 to 80. Lindsey also taught Pilates mat classes locally where she catered the movement to improve her students' yoga practices.

Lindsey believes that "getting to know our bodies is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. By giving our body the attention it deserves, we can revive our mind, body and soul through movement." She truly wants to help all people be their best self!

Joseph Pilates spoke of his exercises as a way to, "build a sturdy body and sound mind fitted to perform every daily task with ease and perfection as well as to provide tremendous reserve energy?"(Return to Life, 1945). Lindsey feels that "our bodies are our life and everything we do has an affect on us. By learning efficiency of movement with Pilates, tasks will begin to feel easier and energy can be restored. "

Lindsey is available for individual, duet and small group Pilates Reformer and Apparatus instruction.

Kelly Robertson

Kelly graduated cum laude with a BFA in dance from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. It was also at Rutgers where Kelly later completed the internationally renowned rehabilitation based program: Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Training at the top of her class. She is a Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) certified trainer and also completed Comprehensive Pilates Mat Training through the Kane School of Core Integration.

As a former professional dancer and dance teacher to aspiring young dancers, Kelly has experienced a life in union with movement. A severe neck injury in 2002 ended Kelly’s professional dance career, challenging her self-identity and body perception. Her rehabilitation was long, arduous and started Kelly's roundabout journey with Pilates.

After giving birth to her first child, Kelly began studying Pilates, which helped regain her 'core' stability and strength, balance and tone to her muscles, improved her alignment, and most significantly shifted her perception of her body in a positive way.

In 2012, after a hip injury and subsequent surgery it was Pilates that helped Kelly achieve a successful and speedy recovery. Having experienced rehabilitation in two different ways (one with her neck which was difficult and one with her hip which was much more successful), she understands that any work towards positive changes in the body cannot be isolated to the body nor can it be completely dependent on an outside source.

It is Kelly's aspiration to help facilitate successful movement experiences by integrating the 'whole person' (mind, body, spirit) and to be informed by their responses, movement outcomes, unique body structures and fitness goals.

Kelly's work spans all populations including: general fitness, dancers, gymnasts, active older adult and post rehabilitation. Kelly has experience working with varied conditions including: osteoporosis, disc pathologies, stenosis, shoulder and scapulothoracic bursitis, diastasis recti and abdominal hernias, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, hip and knee pathologies and colostomies.

In addition to her private Pilates instruction, she is a part-time lecturer teaching Pilates to dance majors at Rutgers University, and was a resident instructor with Cirque du Soleil on their show 'Totem' in New York.

Kelly is available by appointment to teach individual and duo Pilates Reformer and Apparatus instruction at Personal Best.

Ronnie Blackwell

Ronnie Blackwell

Ronnie is an AFAA certified personal trainer. He is currently attending college with a degree in Athletic Training and pursuing a Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Ronnie's training experience and educational background are well suited to work with clients of all ages and abilities. His extensive training of individuals and sports teams, as well as his work and clinical studies within various rehabilitation settings, has allowed Ronnie to develop a unique and varied skill set.

He specializes in functional training, corrective assessments and post injury/rehabilitation exercise. Ronnie enjoys working with a wide variety of clients including: high intensity functional training of athletes, people seeking long-term sustainable health, fitness and lifestyle goals, as well as working with post-injury clients.

Ronnie's personal fitness interests include high intensity training, participating in obstacle course runs, recreational cycling and weight lifting. He enjoys discussing and learning about nutrition and general health benefits through healthy lifestyle choices.

Kristine Elmore

Kristine is an ACSM certified personal trainer and functional training specialist, group fitness and Spin instructor as well as a NASM corrective exercise and golf fitness specialist.

Just 4 years ago Kristine was 80 lbs heavier and not really feeling good about herself. She was turning 30 years old and saw the youthful days of her athleticism slowly fleeting. She tried everything from diets and supplements to extreme exercise tactics that only lasted for a short period of time because it's hard to keep motivated when you're in constant pain and she wasn't in the condition physically to handle routines that demanding. After a while, the aches and the pain started to out-weight any potential benefit derived from long-term adherence.

She was always athletic as a young girl and grew up playing basketball, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, and eventually, tackle football. Right before turning 30 years old, Kristine set out to do things differently. She wanted to become more active, fully enjoy life and challenge herself to be better. A family friend found an all women's tackle football team ( in the tri-state area and she decided to tryout. She became intrigued due to her love of competition and this "new challenge" was just the push she needed to really become serious about her health. That was 4 years ago.

In 2013, Kristine had the great fortune of being selected to play for the Gold Medal winning USA Women's Tackle Football Team. It was the constant encouragement of her teammates and coaches that provided the motivation to get through intense workouts and drills. During this period she learned a lot about herself as well. Consistency became the key fact in her transformation.

After 'retiring' while on top, so to speak, Kristine decided to study for her personal training certification, which she completed in 2014. Her world had changed because of fitness and she wanted the opportunity to share this with others.

Fitness is a love of hers and she is always eager to pursue educational opportunities (she is currently studying to become a ACSM certified inclusive fitness trainer, ACE- orthopedic specialist and a NESTA mixed martial arts conditioning coach).

Kristine believes that external forces drive us all at some point but it is the internal force, the person within, that we need to satisfy first and foremost.

Mirjana Banic

Mirjana Banic

Mirjana is a certified personal trainer and a certified tennis instructor. She lettered all 4-years in varsity Track and Field, was a Big East scorer in the discus and placed 5th in the Penn Relays, College Division and went on to place 7th in the discus at the 2002 ECAC as Team Captain. For several years, Mirjana set her sights on becoming a member of the United States Olympic Bobsled Team. Her team placed third in the U.S. Women's bobsled team trials in Lake Placid, N.Y. She also competed at the Push Off Championships and traveled to Calgary, Canada for training. She has now set her sights on becoming a physical education teacher. Mirjana is currently a physical education teacher within the Westfield public school system.

Linda Michalak

Linda Michalak

Linda is an experienced pilates reformer instructor and certified personal trainer. Linda left the corporate world to raise her two sons and is well into her second career as a fitness professional. An avid runner, Linda has competed in some local 5k races, adding up the miles weekly, until she got up enough "nerve" to train for her first marathon. Now with a couple marathons under her belt, she enjoys helping others challenge themselves both physically and mentally towards better health and well-being.

Wanting to learn and do more, she became a certified Personal Trainer. She then developed an interest in pilates and became a certified Pilates Reformer Trainer. When speaking about Pilates, Linda's passion is evident: "Pilates Reformer Training takes strength and flexibility training to a new level. It teaches us how to exercise correctly and efficiently, and to become mindful of our body and our health". With the recent surge in Pilates training, Linda has found that men can greatly benefit from reformer training when it comes to improving their golf or tennis swing.

Linda also works with clients in her capacity as a certified personal trainer. She thoroughly enjoys helping others and likes training people of all ages and fitness levels.

Ellen Lester, Founder

Ellen Lester

At age 50, Ellen began thinking about longevity. She realizes that, as life spans keep increasing due to modern medical advances, each person must ask themselves "How good do I want to feel in the future?". With that in mind, she developed a new and pleasurable lifestyle for herself that included a proper balance between exercise, weight-training, cardio, and nutrition. Wanting to help women as she helped herself, Ellen became a certified personal trainer and certified senior fitness instructor.

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